10 Steps To Help You Live A Life You Love (FastForward Framework series)

The first of the FastForward Framework series will give you the ten steps you absolutely must take to aspire, advance, and achieve!

Book cover of 10 Steps to help you live a life you love by Dr Jane CoxIn this book Jane shares the critical first steps that have allowed recent delegates in her programmes to –
* Get a 50% pay-rise
* Go from small business owner to a best-selling author (Amazon No 1 within two days of publication!)
* Launch a successful new international property business
* Become debt-free in six months
* Create better work-life balance

If you are serious about wanting to make decisive, lasting change in one area, or many areas, of your life or business, then the most important step you’ll ever take is the first one!

“I’ve never met anyone who has been able to give me back my belief in
myself, and then help me harness my talent, and help me move forward
like Jane – amazing“ Lisa D

“She gave me back my mojo! I’m now I’m a new man, or maybe just the
one I was always meant to be!” Mike M

“She refused to give up on me even when I’d given up on me. Thank you
for believing in me and holding my hand when the going got tough. Now
I know I can do anything I choose to do because I’ve found my strength” Alex R

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via paperback or ePub on Lulu.com:  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Jane_Cox

via Amazon Kindle:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dr-Jane-Cox-FastForwardFramework-Steps-ebook/dp/B00IEGKRQO


FastForward Framework

In this series Dr Jane Cox provides her transformational advice in the form of a series of clear steps. Her down-to-earth advice and informal style make these framework guides an accessible and affordable way to start taking your life to new levels.