About Us

Dr Jane Cox and Keith Oram“Welcome to New Levels. We started this ground-breaking mentoring and coaching service in South Africa because we love to help people and businesses reach their next levels.

Over ten years we have helped hundreds of people identify what was wrong with their life, what they needed to do next and then helped them get there. We have also helped numerous companies of all sizes in all sectors realise their potential.

Life was fantastic in South Africa, our courses were fully booked, Jane was invited to help even more people via tv and radio programmes but for family reasons we needed to uproot ourselves and our families with a move to the UK.

When we first came to the UK we needed to start from scratch, so we know what it’s like to turn your life upside down and start again, with only the knowledge in your heart that you need to do it and the hope that you’ll be more successful.

It’s this ‘been there, done it’ perspective that is attributed to a lot of our success. People we work with understand that we’re not preaching from on high, we’re talking from experience and sharing what worked for us. Why watch someone trip up if you can point out the hazard to them? Surely it’s better to spare someone the fall if you can, and if they want to experience it for themselves, well then you can be ready to help them up when they’re done.

And that’s really what we’re about. Helping you to achieve your goals even if you don’t know what they are yet.”

Dr Jane Cox and Keith Oram