Dr Jane Cox

Dr Jane CoxProven in her field time and time again, Dr Jane Cox is the solution for anyone wanting to take their life to the next level. If you want a complete overhaul, want to focus on your business or just want to find love – with Jane you’ll make it happen.

Jane’s fascination with people, her need to understand what makes them tick, and knowledge on how best to access people’s greatness, has led to her receiving three doctorates, in the areas of psychology, natural medicine, and metaphysics. Jane simply loves to get the best out of people.

Her education, Jane feels, gives her a very rounded approach to working with people, as she is able to see things from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective – an unusual ability in these days of one dimensional treatment of problems. With a postgraduate specialisation in intercultural communication, and extensive experience working internationally with a range of individuals, companies and corporations, Jane is able to tackle most areas of life with an insight and understanding that is uncannily perceptive and accurate.

For over 20 years, Jane has worked closely with people in many different ways. She has run a successful psychology practice offering personal counselling, worked with corporates, helping through consulting, speaking, seminars, conferences, non-exec directorship and strategic interventions, to maximise business results through the correct application of the people, skills, abilities, and psychology” of the business. She has run Youth Leadership and Mentorship programmes for over 15 years across South Africa, in conjunction with the Rotary Clubs of South Africa.

She has owned and edited a popular magazine, Mums @ Work, aimed at woman juggling motherhood and careers. She has been special guest on numerous television and radio shows, written extensively for many international publications, and has spoken and inspired at hundreds of events, often sharing the stage with people like Nelson Mandela; Trevor Manuel; Richard Branson; Pallo Jordan; Tokyo Sexwale; Cyril Ramaphosa; Andy Harrington, Greg Secker, Dr John Demartini and Tony Scott.

Her passion for life, her love of witnessing success in the people around her, and her own life experiences of illness, abuse, sickness, violence and bereavement give Jane an incredibly rounded perspective of what people go through, and how it affects them.

Approachable, fearless and fun, Jane can drag change out of the most reluctant and shy participant, and run alongside the most enthusiastic and keen participant with equal ease.