Keith Oram

Keith Oram, Jane’s husband and business partner, Keith Oramhas been involved with business development and operational marketing management since 1980. His primary corporate roles have been within banking, retail credit, and life insurance, specifically in the area of developing markets and organisational structures, but his consulting practice encompasses many industries.

In 1988 he was appointed Citibank’s youngest Vice-President in Europe (at age 28), and whilst there was responsible for a number of key market development projects.  From 1992 until 1997 he was Head of Market Development for all Citibank’s retail operations in S.E. Asia

After leaving Citibank he set up his independent consulting practice, which was based in Indonesia until 1999.  Keith practiced throughout the Far East and Australia, primarily consulting at board level to companies opening new operations in the region. He was involved with sales development, organisational strategy, and marketing projects within major new businesses in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.  He later relocated to South Africa where he was based until returning home to the UK in 2008.

His focus at NewLevels remains as lead consultant organisational strategy & market development projects.