New Levels for Business

A qualified doctor of psychology, with additional business degrees in both marketing and communication, as well as several other post-graduate qualifications, Jane brings a unique blend of cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and real-world pragmatic expertise.

Her in-depth knowledge of business success strategies, international expertise, cutting edge intervention techniques, and her psychological insight into what makes both people and their businesses tick, give her a unique perspective on how to keep a business afloat, accelerate its growth, and differentiate it from its competitors. If you’re looking for a fresh, dynamic and motivating approach to breathing life back into business, Jane is the resource you have been looking for.

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While Jane has experience in almost all areas of management & leadership development her focus is on:

  • actualising leadership potential in their senior executives
  • creating high-performing teams
  • creating more effective, engaging, creative and sustainable cultures.
  • strategic thinking and high-level intervention and assistance

She has worked with major global corporations (see below) as well as many small to mid-sized businesses, with senior business leaders, “high potentials”, and  entrepreneurs.

Jane has a strong track record of working with leaders to develop leadership presence, transform difficult relationships, enhance effective communication and influencing skills and build confidence.

Specific assignments have typically include but are not limited to:

  • Intensive one-on-one executive training and coaching
  • Multi-level corporate coaching; speech-writing and presentation technique direction and training for top-level executives in listed companies and large multi-nationals
  • Mentoring and training during corporate restructuring and staff reorganization
  • Confidential short- and long-term goal setting and general guidance in both business and personal arenas across middle and top management
  • Training on conflict management
  • Training on (and often assisting with execution of) internal & external crisis  management:
  • Negotiation skills and techniques (and interventions if required)
  • Full day intensive workshops across management, leadership, relationship and sales arenas, and psychological insight into the above
  • Inter-cultural training, business relationship and management techniques
  • Business breakthrough workshops, to stimulate and create change and growth


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Global client base

Jane has helped, and is in the process of helping, amongst numerous others:

  • PepsiCo
  • Toyota
  • Barclays Bank
  • Nokia
  • Telkom SA
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Alfa Romeo
  • UK Border Agency

Project examples

Every business has its own particular challenges and characteristics. While we have tried and tested intervention tools, we will never allow your business to be treated in a “one size fits all” fashion. We will always treat your business according to it’s own personality, and anything that needs to be bespoke to your business will be tailored to fit your needs, rather than you being adjusted for our convenience!

That said some of the “off the shelf” interventions and workshops we would recommend include:

Communication Quadrant:
Excellent communication is multi-faceted; are you really giving the message you think you are? Let Jane raise your “CQ” to new levels.

Enterprise Therapy:
This unique application of psychotherapeutic techniques applied to the workplace will surface and address deep-seated, and often unsuspected, barriers to growth & progress.

Human Map:
Using a range of bespoke diagnostic tools, developed and validated across international multi-sector clients, Human Map enables a business to attain complete alignment & commitment to mission, vision, values & goals.

Breakout Bootcamp:
Thought-provoking, energising, and exciting, a Breakout Bootcamp will take you out of your comfort zone and open your mind to your potential as never before.

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