180/180 by Dr Jane Cox

Transform your life in 180 days

This isn’t a webinar or a weekend jolly, our complete programme will work with you to transform your life in 180 days. With our help you’ll work out what’s working in your life, what you want to change, how to release fears that have been holding you back, and how to get focused and take action. With our support you won’t just be thinking about change you’re going to be delivering it, so you can achieve your dreams and fulfil your potential.


6 month hands-on mentoring programme designed to help you:

  • Think outside your current box
  • Create goals & timelines
  • Achieve better work/life balance

By learning:

  • How to practically recognise and overcome the fears and insecurities that are holding you back
  • The six things you must know to break out of your holding pattern
  • To create a template for maximising your whole-life potential
  • The four major traps to avoid
  • How to harness the psychology of progress, not procrastination
  • How to goal set properly, creating a realistic and manageable template for change.

With our ongoing support, over 180 days, you will:

  • Plan out your personal journey of change across each area of your life
  • Set and achieve interim targets towards your final goals
  • Have accountability and support during this often emotional and challenging journey
  • Be taught how to turn your life events into learning curves, and release your insecurities
  • Receive confidence building, life-reframing and motivational tools and personal support
  • Have the benefit of a support group of others going through positive change
  • Be helped through the challenges or obstacles that may occur
  • Compile and receive, at the end of your 180 day journey, the book of your change journey, enabling you to look back on your journey from your current life, through the incredible changes and into a more focused and fulfilling life.
  • Enjoy a celebratory event at the end of your journey, during which you will receive your personal “Journey of Change” journal, documenting your hard work, determination and achievements.

Programme Highlights

  • Three one-day events (Sat or Sun)
    • Full-day kick-off event – “Achievement Accelerator”
    • “Progress Step-Up Bootcamp “(day 60 approx)
    • “Success Stars Seminar” (day 120 approx)
  • 10 x two-hour webinars
  • 3 x one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Weekly worksheets and progress tracking (online)
  • Awards ceremony & dinner
  • Your personal “Journey Of Change” journal, compiled throughout the 180 days