Psychology of Wealth

Learn how to stop your sub-conscious from costing you money!

In this new ground-breaking 2-day workshop Dr Jane Cox will break down the mental barriers that are costing you money and preventing you from reaching your financial potential.

Key areas covered in this fascinating two-day interactive workshop include:

  • Recognising the key elements why our relationship with money is flawed.
  • How our subconscious mind messes with our ability to make, or keep, money
  • Why we fear failure, and why our fear of success is even greater than our fear of failure
  • What differentiates the haves from the have-nots
  • Why some goals seem particularly difficult to achieve, while others seem relatively easily
  • The subconscious way we repel the very money we want to attract
  • Why those who win lotteries or make easy money, tend to lose it all quickly
  • Why “enough” is a goal post that keeps moving!
  • Healthy money management vs unhealthy money useage
  • Why we are raising a generation who have a flawed understanding of money
  • Are we damaging our children’s ability to create personal success?
  • Why more businesses go bust then go bang
  • Does saving money work?
  • Why money doesn’t buy happiness


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